Mr Grass Has Moved!

With the launch of our new Chippers website, we have moved our Mr Grass blog to

We have incorporated the Mr Grass and This Old Yard blogs into our primary website to make sure all of your green care resources are located in the same place.
We’re All About Your Life Outside and we hope you enjoy our new website and blog page.

–  The Chippers Team  –

TheronTheron Peck is the Turf Division Manager for Chippers, having created the turf division in 2008, focusing on proven methods as well as embracing organic and natural turf care options. As a certified ISA arborist, plant health care professional, and a Master Turf Manager, Theron has over 29 years of experience in the landscape industry.

I unknowingly began my career as a mere hobby gardener. I pursued a degree in plant science and business at the University of NH where I worked on one of the two research farms. Having been in the turf industry since 1986 and with Chippers since 2008, my mission is to simply offer excellent products and customer service to achieve the best results for our clients. I continually research new and improved products, providing custom lawn programs ranging from organic, natural, hybrid or traditional packages. A signature attribute of our lawn program includes a special permit from the NH Division of Pesticide Control allowing lawn treatments both in the Lake Sunapee and Winnipesaukee watershed, further proof of our environmental stewardship around sensitive bodies of water.

The Essential Turf Care (ETC) program was launched with my hand-picked products and a results oriented philosophy based on my education and experience in the industry. Since 2008, the ETC program has experienced consistent double digit growth which can be attributed directly to our unique range of products, quality employee training and unmatched customer service. After all, how many lawn companies do you know where you can call or email and receive a response the same day?

I personally review each lawn, there are no “google earth” remote estimates or phone bids. I inspect each site and if desired, meet with you as a new or existing client.

Since education is such a big part of understanding not only what professionally licensed lawn care companies do (and can’t do), the sometimes unkind role of Mother Nature and what you can do to better care for your lawn, this blog was launched in 2010. I am proud of the blog’s content, timeliness and the loyal readers.

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