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Researching Lawn Care Companies in NH, Part 1

Published by JKeefe on March 10th, 2010 - in Lawn Care Companies, Misc.

Essential Turf Care Program Options

This is the year you have decided to get some advice.  This is the year you want to see results and actually enjoy your front lawn as you look out that window with your cup of coffee each morning.  Your vision of brown can turn to green!  So where do you begin?

1.  Start your research online. 

Start your research online with company websites and or blogs in order to get a “flavor” for what they do, office locations, credentials such as certifications/licenses, and other important factors.  Make a short list for yourself.  What is important to you in terms of service like ease of contact and communication?  While things are always great when the going is good, can you obtain a direct e-mail address or cell phone number to ask a direct question to a manager?  Send an e-mail and see if you get a response.  How fast does the employee respond?  If you never hear back or if one is not available, you have an answer.  If you said “no” prepare to call an out of state “800 number” that is only open during “standard business hours”.

While many companies may appear alike on the surface- as you dig deeper you will find a vast difference when it comes to things like ease of contact.  Communication is key not only for just asking questions but for peace of mind.  You should feel good about having access, direct access to those who you employ like your future lawn care company.  You should feel great about supporting your local economy, especially in these economic times by hiring a local firm versus a national chain.  Who you decide to employ locally makes a direct statement on what you believe in and support.

Are there any testimonials on the website which would indicate customer satisfaction and success?  How many offices are there and who runs the show?  Information is power and the more you get a sense of who you will be dealing with, the higher your satisfaction level will ultimately be because your decision will be a sound one.

In future installments, I will discuss why you should consider experience in the field and background as vital components when it comes to hiring a turf care company.  I plan to discuss topics like how to obtain real results as it relates to product selection such as natural versus traditional programs.  Don’t wait, start researching today!


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