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Mowing height & Grub control in NH.


Grub damage can be severe

June is typically a transition month from spring to summer.  In terms of your grass and lawn, now is a critical time to be aware of proper mowing height.  June also signals the ability to prevent potential insect damage like grubs in NH by treating your lawn yourself or hiring a lawn care company. 

Now is the ideal time to mow your lawn at 3 inches in both shade and sunny areas.  In the sun, mowing high will help promote deeper roots which can minimize drought stress and subsequent browning.  In the shade, longer grass maximizes the reduced sun light reaching the leaf so your lawn does better long term- reducing thinning.  Try to mulch your clippings back into the lawn to improve soil organic matter and soil structure.  Removing the clippings creates an unhealthy cycle as it takes away valuable minerals, nutrients, and bio-matter.

June signals the official start of preventive grub control applications in NH which can last until September with newer materials.  Many products now exist to combat a wide variety of grubs which can cause minor to major lawn damage.  This type of damage is especially true in the spring and fall when most of these pests will be in full assault- eating your lawn from beneath.  Grubs eat the root system of your lawn from below, unlike surface insects that may chew or pierce the plant from above.

Grub control is usually divided into preventative and curative care- both require specific timing and specific materials.  Don’t just assume buying a bag of something and sprinkling it on your lawn in June or July will solve your problems.  Most curative products are harsh and usually target a larger grub while preventative care sets the stage by applying a treatment for hatching eggs or a much smaller pest.  Preventative applications generally require less material and therefore are considered more environmentally friendly.  Many preventative products have a larger time span of use and also plain work better by achieving a much higher degree of control in NH.

A short statement on Milky Spore- Don’t use it in New Hampshire or Vermont, it does not work and is a massive waste of money.  Send me the check and I will at least send you a thank you note versus the chemical company taking your money and you have nothing in return.  If you want organic insect control for grubs- Nematodes is the route you want to go, and it is actually proven to work in NH & VT- unlike milky spore that does not.  The weather is too cold and that is all I will say on this product.

Be sure to read the label on any product you buy if you plan on treating your own lawn in NH for grubs because you want to have your timing correct.  Keep that mower blade sharp and cut high- it may be tough at first but you will enjoy the long term benefits of a nicer lawn.

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