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Salt or Ice Melt?

Published by JKeefe on October 25th, 2010 - in Ice Melt

There are dozens upon dozens of ice melt products on the market.  Each will likely be a blend of salts or chemicals varying from pure rock salt (Halite) also known as Sodium chloride to the Acetates like Potassium acetate or Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA).  Most ice melt products will contain a blend of these and other ice melting salts.  Some salts are naturally occurring and are mined, purified and blended into ice melts yielding different melting temperatures and degrees of corrosion.  Some ice melters are much more expensive due to the ingredients and other valuable characteristics like Potassium acetate commonly used in airports.

Chloride salts and ice melters are among the most commonly used and come in a variety of blends, often utilizing some acetates to promote more environmentally friendly products.  Some ice melters will have 4 or 6 ingredients with varying percentages to achieve both results and provide an economical product.  Quite often, price is the only factor that consumers may look at when shopping for an ice melt.  Lets face it, its Saturday morning at the Home Depot and you have 4 or 5 pallets of ice melt in front of you- each priced differently.  The prices listed may start at $7.99 a bag and hit the top end at near $20 or more for pet friendly versions.  Unless you brought your chemistry book along with your morning coffee, you are likely to go with the price versus the content.  Grab a few bags and “get r’ done”!

As a rule- rock salt will be the cheapest ice melter and will also cause the most wreckage in terms of turf, tree, and pet paw burn or drying due to the high concentration of sodium.  Rock salt will track into your house or business, leaving an immense film of white.  By design, rock salt has a lot of freezing and thawing due to the freezing point.  This factor alone is unfortunate since it causes a lot of concrete and surface damage.  All of your remaining chloride ice melters have varying properties such as melting point, safety, and ease of use.  The price for these kinds of ice melts will be higher and some may even be mixed with an acetate for additional performance.  The most expensive ice melters will have higher percentages of acetates and specific chloride salts for premium performance.  Each brand has its own unique blend and touts specific performance with the listed price.

The benefits derived from natural ice melts include reasonable pricing, performance, and environmental friendliness as opposed to say pure calcium chloride that can melt ice to very low temperatures yet is not the most safe to use around pets or people.  In the case of ice melts, price can be an indicator of performance due to the contents in the bag.  Remember, ice melts are a blend of many kinds of salts and materials designed to complete a specific melting task at a specific temperature.  A great ice melt can destroy your patio pavers or discolor your driveway just as easy as it removes a slippery surface!


Natural Ice Melt available for delivery in NH & VT

Published by JKeefe on October 22nd, 2010 - in Ice Melt, Lawn Care Companies


Pet Friendly Ice Melt

Published by JKeefe on October 5th, 2010 - in Ice Melt, Lawn Care Companies

Paws-itively Safe Ice Melt 


You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape winter in New England.  We all know that winter brings with it an abundance of snow and, often times, a build up of ice that, left untreated, can stop a city in its tracks.   For years businesses and homeowners have turned to products that melt the ice that has already formed and that can prevent ice from developing further.  While these products can be a dream come true for humans, they can be our pet’s worst nightmare.  Ingestion of ice melt products usually happens when the pet licks the product off of their paws after walking through it.  Ice melt ingestion can cause symptoms as minor as local skin irritation to abdominal discomfort and vomiting.  Sadly, however, ingestion of sodium chloride, a chemical common to ice melt products, can and has caused severe and sometimes fatal reactions in pets.  


Chippers, a New Hampshire based business specializing in tree, plant and turf health and care offers a pet safe alternative to these toxic ice melt products.  Their product, Great White, is safe for pets, people, plants and surfaces.  It is a non-tracking formula that saves carpets and floors.  It won’t corrode aluminum, brick or other surfaces.  It’s specially formulated irregular crystals provides an extra measure of traction and it works in temperatures as low as 5 degrees fahrenheit.  Chippers will supply this product to both businesses and private homeowners.  It can be delivered in pallets or 50lb. bags.  If you are the owner of a pet business or if you are simply a pet owner looking for a safer alternative for your pets, please contact Chippers and tell him that Healthy Pets NH sent you.  

(Credit given to Healthy Pets NH October newsletter) 

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