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By definition, a weed is a plant out of place and unwanted and is therefore the focus of eradication methods. While some folks may be okay with an entire lawn composed entirely of crabgrass, most homeowners loath crabgrass! This blog focuses on the art and science of reducing and hopefully removing this...Read More

Autumn lawn care is great

There is no better time of year with autumn’s crisp blue days and cool nights to help your lawn make significant gains to prepare for winter…and to start spring strong. Warm soil and reduced weed competition means all sorts of good things when it comes to fall seeding and repairs.  My previous blog...Read More
Winter is a great time to evaluate your current lawn care company and consider if a local option would better serve your needs. Even if you are satisfied, I can bring up five legitimate reasons to consider a change. First, hiring a locally-based lawn care company versus a large national chain or franchise...Read More

Spring lawn checklist

Your spring lawn checklist should include a review of your upcoming turf contract this winter or spring to take advantage of any preseason savings and to insure the work will be scheduled on a timely basis.  Lawn care companies are expecting an unprecedented high volume of work due to the heat, drought,...Read More
Potassium (K) is the last number in the triple letter fertilizer designation you find on the bag; 0-0-62 or N-P-K.  Potassium is a salty fertilizer which is generally applied in the fall to enhance turf performance the following year.  Second only to nitrogen in importance, potassium helps regulate...Read More

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