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I was just finishing up some yard work today and noticed some rather large, creamy color, C shaped grubs worms in a few sunny locations.  Given the current grub size, they are most difficult to control without some aggressive attention.  You have a few choices in May to knock back a grub infestation...Read More
There are about eight major types of grubs in NH and VT that cause turf damage, ranging from the classic Japanese beetle to a masked chafer.  Grubs will cause lawn damage plus the adults will devour ornamental shrubs and trees in your landscape.  The potential loss of your investment makes controlling...Read More
Do you have grubs in your lawn?  The fact remains that more than 1 or 2 grubs should be visible before conducting warfare.  In fact, you should see as many as nine to twelve per square foot before taking action.  There are about 8 major types of grubs in NH/VT that cause turf damage ranging from the...Read More

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