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Happy Autumn


I unknowingly began my career as a mere hobby gardening.  I pursued a degree in plant science and business at UNH where I worked on one of the two research farms.  I have been in  the turf industry for nearly three decades.  I began the turf division for Chippers in 2008 with a simple plan; offer a diverse service offering using only the best products to achieve the desired results.  I continually research new materials to offer custom lawn programs ranging from organic, natural, hybrid or traditional packages.

In the spring of 2008, the ETC (Essential Turf Care) program was launched with my hand-picked products, philosophy, and education.   With 8 seasons now almost complete, the ETC program has experienced consistent double digit growth which I attribute directly to my employee’s, unique range of products, and unmatched customer service.  After all, how many lawn companies do you know where you can call, e-mail, or even meet a manager or receive a response the same day?  Chippers turf division sets a new standard for results and client response as indicated by annual double digit growth since 2008.

I personally review each lawn, there are no “google earth” remote estimates or phone bids.  I inspect each site and meet you as a new or existing client if desired.

I am a certified ISA Arborist, Plant Health care professional, and a Master Turf Manager.  With so much practical field experience and knowledge in the industry, I decided to launch this blog in order to educate the general public since there is a lot of confusing information regarding professionally licensed lawn care.

For additional information, please check out “Lawn Topics” on the home page, top right.  Here you can find past posts I have written on by topic such as lawn care companies, ticks, mowing reduction, compost tea, organic lawn care and so much more!

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An autumn lawn in Vermont



7 Responses

  1. mike says:

    Just one thing I would caution you on the nematodes, they die within 5-10 minutes when exposed to sunlight, so unless someone is watering them right away they die. Thats what prevented me from using them in my buisness, and as far as milky spore we are too far north. Good site

    • MrGrass says:

      Thanks for the great feedback. Yes, I am planning on using two hybrid strains and yes- I am aware of the fragility of how long they last on the surface. The plan is to spray them in the rain or with showers to move them into the soil. I did this on a ball field where the client could not irrigate with even standard grub control so this will be the same scenario- different product.

  2. brian d ducharme says:

    hey i lived also funny huh..

  3. brian d ducharme says:

    and i own a landscape buisness also that is a funny thing right ,i should have invested in that lobster hauling buisness huh

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