Field Mouse or Vole damage visible on lawns in spring

Published by JKeefe on April 1st, 2011 - in Lawn Care Companies, Misc.

Mouse damage on lawns common in spring

As the snow melts (eventually), you may find surface tunnels on your lawn.  This can be a disturbing image and is most unpleasant.  Voles, also known as field mice will tunnel under the snow, eating the grass and shallow roots of your lawn.  The result of this frozen dinner feast is a maze of tunnels created where the mice traveled.  The extent of the damage can be minor such as leaves and thatch being eaten all the way to roots and shoots a more severe result of mouse lawn damage.

Your best bet is to let the area recover in April and do some seeding in May once the soil warms up enough.  Depending upon the extent and depth of the damage, you may not have to do anything, or as in this picture above, the soil is exposed likely requiring some modest efforts to restore the grass to “factory condition”.


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