Natural Ice Melt to use this winter

I have seen the devastation of rock salt, the cheapest and most basic of ice melting materials.  I have also seen the damage rock salt does to turf, tree & shrubs, concrete, brick, patios, steel and so many more materials.  While rock salt is the cheapest form of ice melter, it only works down to 25 f and will dry out your pets paws when used on walkways, patios, decks, and driveways.  Rock salt causes salt burns to animals and easily kills turf and shrubs when applied over the course of a winter.  Rock salt will also damage surfaces like concrete and brick.  How much did you pay for that landscaping job?  Or should I say, how much are you willing to pay to replace that section of lawn or that shrub?  Is it worth a $10 bag of rock salt versus far superior products only a few dollars more?  I saved the best for last, tracking the white into your house- making your tile, wood floor, or carpet white!

Calcium chloride is our next contestant and is a heavy weight ice melter- a serious product that works at very low temperatures (-25 f) but also has major draw backs such as cost and reduced traction, corrosion, health effects, and damage to the environment.  These are just the big drawbacks, there are more.  Unless kept dry, calcium chloride also melts into itself (absorbs moisture) and becomes unusable.  Calcium chloride will corrode steel.  Most calcium chloride pellets are also spheres and therefore roll on inclines or slopes unlike crystalline ice melters- calcium chloride does not provide any physical traction.  Calcium chloride is not plant or people friendly in fact, it can burn your hands if not handled properly or the paws of your beloved pet.  Calcium chloride is a severe irritant to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.  Not very safe to use around your home or family given how harsh calcium chloride is, especially given the alternatives.

Why consider Natural Ice Melt?  Take away all of the bad stuff I just wrote about.  How does that sound?  Pretty good.  I’ll take a 5 f melting temperature on average- thats plenty cold on an average winter night.  I’ll take pet, plant, and people safe ice melt.  I love not having to use gloves or protection to apply the ice melt.   I love not having to keep the bag air locked so it won’t dissolve and remove moisture from the air.  I especially love how natural ice melt will not track in on carpets and tile, eliminating that white residue.  Natural ice melt will work on asphalt shingles and will not stain that newly sealed or paved driveway.  With a natural peach color, you can see the difference.

With each product we buy, we make a statement.  What will you buy this year when it comes to melting ice at your home, business, or town?  I hope you will consider the environment your family, the lawn, and your pets!  Natural ice melt just makes sense.  Look for it and buy it.  Or better yet I can have it delivered to your house by the bag or pallet!  Where do you live?  We’ll see . . .


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